Mid-August photo shoot at Cassandra’s

It was a late afternoon in mid August last year when Cassandra Morgan, a student in my photo class and good friend, asked me to share some secrets of the beautiful Canon 135mm f2 lens she had recently bought at the time. What was supposed to be a technical lesson ended in a photo shoot to remember when her beautiful daughters Sarah Paige and Chloe Margaret offered to model for us.

Cassandra was kind enough to send me some beautiful lines in the aftermath of nbso this afternoon to remember which I will share with you.

“I have had the privilege of working with Mihai over a number of years while living here in Bucharest, Romania as an expat. On this particular photo shoot, I wanted to learn how to use the Canon lens which I had bought and didn’t have a clue as to what to do with it and how best to create the beautiful portraits which I see on many photography websites.  With lots of help and patience I was guided through the process of taking portraits of my daughters, with Mihai standing by to give me advice.  These are the photographs that he took at that particular session, the light was perfect and the candid shots will be a cherished memory of a time when they are still young and carefree.”